Ultimate Lemon Pound Cake from Luscious Lemon Desserts

it’s what’s for breakfast


few words about this picture.

Today, on the day that The Three are supposed to return to school, they won’t. Well, not all Three of them at any rate. Only Roy will make the long walk back into the classroom because his brother and sister are sick. Again.

Given the opportunity to sum up our winter break in one photo, a couple of others might have done. A product shot of a base-model humidifier, say, or a still life of the empty bottles of children’s Tylenol and Advil and the one for antibiotics we were given when Marcel just couldn’t shake that fever after a week straight.

This picture, though, is prettier, I think, while still telling the same story. Yesterday morning, when I couldn’t climb out from under the covers after another long, viral night, I told Marcel that he was going to have to make his own breakfast.

“Can I have a piece of the lemon pound cake?” he asked.

“Sure,” I mumbled, “but you have to have a piece of fruit with it.”

There wouldn’t even have been any of that cake left if our family had felt well enough to eat in the days prior to yesterday. I suppose I should feel grateful there was a serving left for anyone to have for breakfast. Without lemon pound cake, Marcel might have starved.