made ENTIRELY of geometric shapes, people!

made ENTIRELY of geometric shapes, people!


t turned out to be a dream homework assignment for Peaches: create an animal entirely from the geometric shapes copied onto the attached sheet.

“Oooh!” she said.

Within minutes of reading the directions and inwardly digesting their potential, she was on the sofa, legs extended in front of her along its length, cutting out shapes and carving out a plan for how one could be made to fit with another to create–well, you know what she created.

“I thought for sure I could make it into a cat,” she said. Yes, of course, but what if it had turned out that she just couldn’t have forced those shapes into something cat-like?

“I don’t know what else I would have tried,” she admitted.

The Three are home for spring break next week so I’ll be writing very little and trying not to yell an awful lot. Come see us after that, though, won’t you?