peaches' handiwork

peaches’ handiwork


love cake. This is probably why I don’t make them.

There are exceptions. I will happily make a cake that can be rendered beautiful and delicious upon its extrication from a Bundt pan–once I’ve borrowed said pan from a friend because I don’t actually own one. (Thanks, friends!) But a cake that requires frosting and decorating and, God help me, layers would be overreach. If there’s a special occasion that calls for your name to be spelled out in cursive, icing letters on a round layer cake or if this is the year that you’re super-into Harry Potter and need him Quidditching it up on a fondant broomstick to feel satisfactorily feted, that’s cool but we’re going to need to see a professional for that.

Cupcakes are different. Maybe it’s because there’s so much less confectionary canvas to cover. The creative commitment is reduced in direct proportion to the surface area of those tiny little cakes. Cupcakes aren’t trying to make a statement–there’s isn’t enough room on their tops for that–but if one of my children wants to try to do just that on every last one of them, I’m happy to let them try.

They’re only cupcakes.