'that's my egghead football player punk rocker with an afro.'

‘that’s my egghead football player punk rocker with an afro.’


o you know what one of the best parts of my job is?

Finding weird things.

As a stay-at-home parent, there are a lot of rewarding aspects to the work I do with The Three. I get to enjoy a certain degree of peace because I have a good deal of information about their lives at school and among their friends. I am allowed to be engaged—to my satisfaction—in an ever-evolving conversation with them about people and books and God and music and movies. And then there’s my role as self-appointed adjunct professor to the preteen set, slowly (very, very slowly) identifying areas, emotional, academic or spiritual, that might need to be given a wee bit more attention by us, their determined but flawed parents, in the months and years ahead.

But there’s nothing quite like going to pick up a plate off of a sticky table (it’s always honey) and finding something like this drawing.

First, I try to guess who made it (I was wrong on this one). Then I wonder what on earth inspired such a piece of inspired strangeness. And, finally, I like to sit with it for a while, marveling at this new thing that one or all of my new things made without being asked or assigned or tasked.

It might even be the very best part. I’ll have to think about that.