his is a doughnut burger.

I’ve been told by reliable sources that these babies have been starring attractions at various state fairs across the country, but since I hate those, promotion by Albuquerque’s Supper Truck for their Glazed and Confused doughnut burger special was the first I’d heard of such a thing.

“You know who would love a doughnut burger?” I would ask rhetorically for the benefit of anyone who might be sitting in my general vicinity. “Roy,” I would answer myself, definitively.

This beauty was a collaborative effort, a co-production by Southern-flavored Supper and their friends at Rebel Donuts where the sesame seed-studded ‘buns’ were specially crafted. The Glazed and Confused burger was served unencumbered by condiments and without a leaf or lettuce or a slice of tomato in sight, which I appreciated—I mean, who are we trying to kid here? The burger managed to be elegant in its simplicity even with doughnuts serving as a bun.

On our pilgrimage to buy ours over spring break (adopting a three-legged kitten was only one of the highlights of our holiday!) we decided three burgers divided among four interested diners was the only fair and reasonable order we could place.

Oh, we’re no Portland (or Los Angeles or San Diego), but Albuquerque has a burgeoning food truck scene we can be proud of. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Just ask Roy.

The Supper Truck makes its triumphant spring return to Hyder Park for dinner this evening from 4 ’til 8. I can’t promise Glazed and Confused burgers, but do yourself a favor and try the new Chicken and Waffles special. You won’t be sorry.