my puppy worked really hard on this hole

hole courtesy of our naughty puppy


t has rained in the desert off and on for four days now. There is actual standing water in our backyard and two of The Three conceded that conditions might necessitate jeans rather than shorts for school. The seasons are turning.

Summer is not without its charms. There is the light that brightens the world early and dims late, our lives lived out-of-doors and the hot afternoons that make ice cream a necessity rather than an indulgence.

But let’s hear it for the approach of fall: for reflection that can begin only with our summer revels are ended, the accounting for—and tallying of—our labors as we edge closer to the year’s end than to its start. And especially to the early, settling darkness that keeps my 10-year-old in his bed, asleep, well past a quarter of six for the first time in months.