riends, thank you so much for coming out to Bookworks over the weekend to be a part of our Fabulous New Mexico Pie Party!

Over the course of writing about our family’s adventures in New Mexico, I have occasion to talk about places and people who make the work of living and parenting here richer and, when we’re very fortunate, tastier. Saturday morning’s event provided us with a sweet opportunity to celebrate two of those businesses—Bookworks and the New Mexico Pie Company—while enjoying their hospitality and generosity at the same time.

After Peaches read a thrilling excerpt from Sarah Week’s Pie (complete with shouting; it was delightful), young readers were led in a craft by Bookworks’ own Connie Griffin and then on a scavenger hunt in the store’s children’s section for pictures of pie. Then and only then did we everyone mosey up to the table for dessert: cherry berry pie tarts, blackberry peach pie and green chile bacon quiche donated by Andrea Schulte at the New Mexico Pie Company.

It was worth the wait.