doughnut peach from Albuquerque's La Montanita Co-op

raw materials


ou are all my witnesses: the next time anyone sees these peaches they will be on the inside of a pie!

Today, Peaches and I are making a pie filled with her namesake fruit. We chose peach on the recommendation of the fruit guy at the Co-op who, in addition to being one of those authentically kind people you run across in this life (right, Judy?), really knows his fruit.

“It’s either the peach or the cherry,” he told me when I asked him what was going in our pie. I never question him and believe it’s always best to go with his first choice.

The peaches are beautiful but that’s not the only reason you’re seeing them this morning instead of the pie. First, I’m not at all sure what the finished product is going to look like. I’ve only made two pies in my entire life and you know who I call when I’m in the mood for a good one. (“That can’t be right,” Scott said. “Do you mean you’ve only made two kinds of pie?” No, I do not.) Also, this particular recipe calls for a lattice crust. Are you kidding me? This is going to be one of those instances in which the ‘before’ picture trumps the after.

Happy July 4th, y’all. Wherever this day finds you, I hope there will be pie waiting for you at the end of it.