that's a membership card front and center

that’s a membership card front and center

“Doctor Jones, again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.”—Belloq’s opening line to Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the refrain of their entire relationship (until Belloq’s face is melted off by the wrath of God in the film’s penultimate scene)


e made progress on the house this weekend, completing tasks we’ve pushed off for months in preparation for our upcoming vacation. Scott replaced our front door (there was a giant hole on the old one where the handle used to be; don’t ask), the glass panel on another was replaced (a neighbor had taken to talking to me through it), built two gates for the backyard and you wouldn’t believe the horrible life forms quietly flourishing in our refrigerator that I have been exterminating for all time.

The knowledge of what we’ve accomplished should surely be enough, a lightening of our mental load at least. Yet not terribly unlike the repeated heist of Indiana Jones’ hard-won treasure by his nemesis—and master of the short-cut, double-cross—Dr. Rene Belloq, so it is with our sense of a job well-done. As industriously as we may undertake a project and doggedly work until it is completed, so do our children bustle around in our wake, commandeering the detritus and discarded bits from whatever’s been broken for repurposing.

They will use absolutely anything you turn your back on into something they cannot live without, a checkpoint for debate and discussion that you do not have time for in your weary pursuit of some semblance of order.

On the bright side, Roy and Peaches’ new fort doubles as a second home for our puppy and Peaches has indicated that she is very inclusive in her attitude toward aspiring members. You really should think about applying.