things to say (and eat)!

things to say (and eat)!


cissors out, Scotch tape secreted away for her own, closely-held creative purposes, Peaches had started a new series of paper bag hand puppets in her bedroom.

“Have you seen the tongue thing?” Scott asked leadingly. “You really should do that.”

I could see it the moment he said it: a ruby red tongue rendered in crayon on the underside of the bag flap. It would be just like my daughter to faithfully recreate the interior of a cat’s mouth in the exact spot where it would occur on its puppet-self. I wasn’t quite sure what Scott found so compelling about it.

But on Tuesday night, Peaches retired to her lair to craft her greatest puppet yet: a lion with a double mane and a row of pointy white paper teeth where its mouth should be as a birthday present for her father. Not until the puppet had been donned did I understand that the tongue was an entirely separate piece—think one of those convenience store ring pops with a paper tongue where the candy should be.

So, too, was the paper T-bone she had made as a lion puppet snack for later.

“So I had already made the hole so they could eat the food but then I couldn’t draw a tongue inside the mouth so I decided that I thought it might be cool if you could just stick the tongue out with your fingers,” Peaches explained (really, just like that).

There were other birthday presents but how does anything compete with a paper bag puppet with a finger-powered tongue?