well, you can see where a chunk fell off in the back

well, you can see where a chunk fell off in the back


n honor of Scott’s birthday, I trashed the kitchen.

I connected those two events intentionally in that last sentence to create a sense of cause and effect or and to suggest that it was a special, once-a-year occasion that created conditions worthy of a Hazmat team. But it is disingenuous for me to have done so and I want to apologize for that because I trash the kitchen on an ongoing basis. It’s my regular thing, really.

What I actually did for Scott’s birthday is bake a cake, an honest to God, chocolate cake with frosting composed of two whole layers! Usually, I limit myself to the baking of cakes that only have one part. So much can go wrong

when there are layers—like, twice as many things! The only good thing about baking a cake that you just don’t dump out of the Bundt pan you borrowed from someone with a better-stocked kitchen than yours (although I am now the proud owner of my very own Bundt pan thanks to a previous post; ‘sup, Janey?) is that you can cover all of the dents, holes, tears and generally weird places with frosting.

I can only speak for myself, but when I go into a kitchen that is no longer of any use to anyone because every square inch of surface area is covered with floury bowls and sticky knives and dripping whisks, I feel honest-to-God hopeful about what I’m going to be putting into my mouth. Someone’s been stirring things up with intention in their hearts, working with Pig Pen-style abandon to make a dish (or two, or three) that others will taste and understand that love was that special something that went into the mix when no one was looking.

Almost as much love as is required to engage in the Sisyphean kitchen clean-up called for after I’ve been done abusing one.

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