even electronic books have to have a cover

even electronic books have to have a cover


t’s that time of year again.

No, not spring with all of its emotional tumult and windy weirdness. I’m talking about BlogHer’s call for submissions for its 2013 Voices of the Year honors.

On occasion, I’ve been asked, ‘Hey, Wendy-who-blogs, how can I find some provocative original content created by people other than you, the only blogger I know personally (and whose stuff only interests me two out of five days a week)?’

To which I say, that’s a fine question, Mom. The answer, unfortunately, can be complicated. There are a lot of blogs out there, the terrain dense and hard to traverse armed with only a couple of keywords and a Google search or two. And, let’s face it: there are writers doing beautiful work buried beneath hundreds of lesser sites giving away $50 Visa gift cards every 21 days and their own still-sketchy understanding of SEO.

Enter BlogHer’s Voices of the Year. In its sixth year, the honors are open to All Bloggers, Great and Small. Submit a post for consideration in one of four categories—OpEd, Humor, Heart and Inspiration—and regardless of whether you’ve got 50 readers a week or if you’re supporting your shoe habit with click-throughs from those display ads for dryer sheets on your site, your content will get the once-over from BlogHer’s panel of jurists.

The result is a list of honorees that represents some of the richness in writing available online—a primer to some of the year’s best in blogging, complete with links and everything without all of the trouble of having to hunt and peck for it on your own. Last year, one of my posts was recognized in the Op/Ed category and was included in the first-ever Voices of the Year e-book, a cooperative effort with Open Road Media.

To commemorate this year’s voting, the most lovely Open Road Media is graciously sponsoring a giveaway of that very e-book, The BlogHer ’12 Voices of the Year, here on the blog. Just leave a comment on this post any day this week and you’re entered to win.

And when you’re not here click through to BlogHer’s Voices of the Year home page and root around in the content to see if you can find any truffles that you might want to share. You can even vote for the ones you like if you feel like registering.

There’s good stuff out there, friends, but it’s easier to find if we look for it together.