a sight better nosh with coffee

a sight better nosh with coffee


ver the weekend, I was writing to someone I love about finding a way forward.

I say ‘a way’ and not ‘the way’ because I don’t subscribe to that sort of exceptionalist codswallop. I’m too old for it. Creativity, ingenuity and experience will open up any number of routes between here and there, but you have to allow yourself to be flexible—to see an opening up ahead where you were sure there wasn’t one before.

From time to time, though, we all get stuck. Distracted or legitimately bogged down, we are making no discernible forward progress and it is disheartening. We stand still, rooted to fixed place and time, squinting off in the distance for that place for us to move through will reveal itself, and we wonder what we’ll do if it doesn’t.

This is when I like to make something, preferably a cake. Short of setting fire to the kitchen and its contents, a baking project provides me with a limited sense of purpose that actually produces dessert, the one thing people are nearly as excited to see as a puppy. Baking gives me something to do that isn’t checking my messages or checking to see how everyone else is doing (relative to me), a pursuit that isn’t about progress, but is purely about brunch.

It gives me something to nosh on while waiting on my way forward to open up.