ver the weekend, Peaches will sail into her eighth year. In honor of the occasion, I give to you the S.S. Scrumptious.

Peaches made this boat in class just before spring break. She named it Scrumptious. Intended as a focal point for the students’ studies on energy, the boats were engineered in order for each respective creator to power them in one way or another.

“You could blow her, you could push her and you could kind of wave the water with your hand and the motion of the water would make her move,” Peaches explained of the various ways in which the Scrumptious might be made to sail.

I was excited to see the boat. As the third in our little line, it isn’t all that often that Peaches brings home something I haven’t seen crammed into a backpack only to be withdrawn, somewhat the worse for wear, after two days of having been forgotten there. The Scrumptious was the first boat ever to successfully complete the voyage from school.

Peaches and Roy raced Scrumptious around in the tub last weekend but I missed it, doing who knows what. I hope to see what she can do this Saturday, though, and I have a feeling she’s more than seaworthy, too. Scrumptious looks to me to be a boat about the business of adventuring, traveling whatever distance to unexpected and wonderful places—not unlike the girl who made her.

Happy birthday, Peaches.