Albuquerque Public Schools announce two-hour snow delay

a cold day for zombies


t may seem counterintuitive, but any delay in the start of school brought about by inclement weather almost always means an even earlier start to our day here at home.

“I can’t go back to sleep,” Marcel announced from somewhere in the dark beside my bed. “Roy and Peaches woke me up because of the snow.”

The clock promised it was 3:41 a.m. I don’t know what foul sixth sense is at work in children, alerting them to moderate snowfall even while they are in the grips of REM sleep, but I am here to attest to its real and awful presence in our midst.

“I know why it’s orange outside,” Roy told me from a shadowy place just over Marcel’s shoulder. “It’s the zombie apocalypse.”

He was joking, mostly. I wobbled over to the window to see what the storm had left us while we were sleeping: no zombies, but enough snow to send me from room to room, unplugging phones that would ring in another two hours to wake us up only to tell us to go back to sleep. School would open two hours later.

I ran into Peaches in the hall.

“Why is everyone awake?” she asked from the doorway to her room, the very picture of sleepy befuddlement.

As if she didn’t know.