Chocolate Pecan Red Chile pie from the New Mexico Pie Company

should have bought the caramel apple green chile pie, too

nlike Monday’s cake, I did not make this pie. I bought it. And, right now, you are looking at the entirety of the completed portion of our Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, I have to do more to prepare for the holiday than just buy this pie (albeit a delicious one, a Chocolate Pecan Red Chile number prepared by the New Mexico Pie Company for our holiday festivities; check them out here). I have things to do—chopping, mixing, second-guessing my tried-and-true turkey recipe at the eleventh hour, important things! I can’t just sit around, writing all the live-long day about whatever I think is funny or important or beautiful out in the world. No. Today? Today I must cook.

But on this Thanksgiving eve, may I tell you that I find myself especially thankful for the opportunity to write to—and be read by—you? It is a peculiar privilege I enjoy, sharing stories and reading the words you leave behind. It is a gift to find myself among friends online every day, gathered around a table that we have set that’s been layed out with whatever it is we feel like bringing to it.

It feels a little like Thanksgiving every day at WendyWrites and I suppose I’m most grateful for that.