peaches colored this one, too

ome parents are record-keepers. They pencil off the changes in their children’s height on the side of a door every few months. And their nine-year-old? His baby book has been done since, well, he was a baby.

I can’t boast pencil marks or baby books (not a one) but The Three and I talked about Thanksgiving for the blog last year so I thought, hey, maybe we can do that again! Doing something twice—when those two times are separated by 364 days— is totally a tradition, right?

Last year you were pretty down on Thanksgiving, Marcel. How are you feeling about the holiday now?

I feel kind of neutral about Thanksgiving this year. Like, I still hate the fact that we go and get turkeys and take them into a house and chop their heads off, but I guess I’m neutral because it’s about being with your family and being thankful and not just stuffing your face. Oh, and watching football. And this year, I think I’m going to eat fingerling potatoes because I tried them before and they were excellent. I’ve eaten cranberry sauce in the past and that pie? You know the one you got from the New Mexico Pie Company? That looks pretty good. Maybe I’ll try that.

Roy, Where does Thanksgiving fall in your personal ranking of best holidays?

Thanksgiving is probably my second-to-last favorite holiday. Well, Christmas and Halloween are tied for first for me because I love getting presents during Christmastime and having the food you make then and, at Halloween, I just love going out at night dressed as something and getting candy. Easter is last. No, not Easter. I’m going with July 4th. So make that third to last—Thanksgiving is my third-to-last holiday.

Thanksgiving is good because I love being with my family and eating all the wonderful food we have. And this year, I’m going to be especially proud of the cranberry orange relish cause I made that, basically.

It’s Thanksgiving again, Peaches. How do you feel about that?

I like Thanksgiving because there’s lots of different foods and I like to eat different foods. Sweet potatoes are my favorite thing but we’re not having them this year. I’m okay with it because I’m going to try gravy on my mashed potatoes and stuffing this year and I’m happy I get to try new foods. (Editor’s note: This part of Peaches’ response made me feel so lousy that I delegated the sweet potato souflee to Scott and Peaches last night. So we’ll be having sweet potatoes after all.)

At school for Thanksgiving, we wrote a silly story. It started with the sentence “Just as ____ was taking the turkey out of the oven…” and we had to make up the rest. In my story, the turkey jumped off the tray and ran into the dog bed but, in the end, the mom ended up taking the turkey to the movies and so…

Oh, it was a live turkey in my story.

In her story, perhaps, but not on our table. And if what I’ve finally gotten around to reading this morning is right, I should have had our bird out of the refrigerator a good hour ago.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends, from our Three turkeys to yours.