Peaches colored this at school last week. No kidding.

t’s Thanksgiving and while I have successfully secured my morally superior heritage turkey (you snooze you lose, hippie competitors!), I have a crap-load to do. I’m sure that you do, too.

So in the grand tradition of the over-taxed, I decided to delegate today’s post to The Three. While I have been stewing about mixing and mashing things, they have had a go at putting their own feelings about the holiday into words. Personally, I find their end result to be better than stuffing. Taste it for yourselves!


I think that Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. I think it’s like number three after Halloween and Christmas. Christmas is number one because I like the holiday season. Everyone seems to be in a good mood all the time. There’s cheer, there’s lights, there’s presents. I just like the whole idea of Christmas.

But Thanksgiving … I don’t like the mass massacre of turkeys all around the world. And since I have a slightly limited diet, I can’t really eat much, so I feel Thanksgiving isn’t as much fun for me as for other people. In my opinion, if Thanksgiving was a regular day without the dinner and stuff, it would still be good and you would still be able give thanks and be with family and friends. It’s the dinner I’m uncool with.

Well, I’m going to get the tree the day after Thanksgiving so I guess that’s something to look forward to. So to all the friends and relatives out there, Happy Thanksgiving from all the members of our family. Except me.


I like Thanksgiving. I like it because you get food and I like eating. I like the mashed potatoes, the turkey, Lance’s sweet potatoes and cranberries. We don’t usually have cranberries or the sweet potatoes. Every time we have mashed potatoes, we never get gravy. And I would like gravy at Thanksgiving.

Every time I see a turkey and a pilgrim hat it reminds me of Thanksgiving. Being with my family sometimes makes me think of Thanksgiving because on Thanksgiving we’re all together. I hope it snows on Thanksgiving, just like it did last year. (Editor’s note: I have no memory of it snowing on Thanksgiving last year, but Roy and Marcel assure me that this was the case. I am equally sure that they are making this up.)

Before we eat Thanksgiving lunch, me and my brother and my sister are going to watch Thanksgiving football. I have never done this before because last year we didn’t have a TV that could show us football. But this year, I’m going to watch all the football I can. I like football because last year I started playing it with my friends and I played flag football and it was super fun. I’m thankful for football.


I don’t really know if I like Thanksgiving or not. I kind of do like it. My mom asked me to make a list about what I like. Here it is:

1. There’s different foods I don’t usually have.
2. I like the sweet potatoes
3. I get to have my cousins over for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Please know that this year, I am thankful for each and every one of you.