one of Mark Bittman's recipes for pumpkin from the New York Times Magazine

the lentils were cooked alright after all

ell, it will be by the time that you’re reading it. As I’m writing, though, it’s Monday and what I like to do on Mondays is cook.

I can’t remember when this started to be a part of the weekly routine that I looked forward to—making a big pot of something on Monday for us to enjoy for couple of days at the beginning of the week—it hasn’t been long, though. There are new recipes that present themselves to me and I will say to myself, ‘Maybe I’ll try that on a Monday.’

Today I made this: pumpkin, Moroccan-style with lentils. I substituted butternut squash for the pumpkin and the stupid lentils didn’t cook all that great. Also, I’m not sure, but I might have scorched the bottom. That’s okay, though. Cooking makes me gives me purpose when I’m feeling adrift. It gives me something to look forward to when I think about dinner for not just one night but two. And I feel like I’ve accomplished something—maybe even something tasty, if I’m lucky—once I’ve turned off the oven.

So, tonight, when you’re watching the election returns come in, think of me, eating a leftover bowl of my squash-lentil mash-up and I will think of you. We may be rooting for different outcomes in this horse race, but we are friends all the same, united in our common need for dinner and our hunger for intelligent and civil discourse while we’re eating it.

Bon appetit.