did it!


didn’t want to jinx this by calling it over before it was, but today it’s official: National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo) is over—along with the month-long writing challenge with which it is observed by all sorts of writers online.

You know how sometimes you get tired of the sound of your own voice? Maybe you’re a parent and it’s the fifth time you’ve asked your child to put his damned shoes on already. Or you’re a boss-type trying to corral your reports into finishing that project, please people, before every last one of you loses your jobs. Or maybe you spend a lot of time talking to yourself. Not where people can see you, God no, but in your head when you’re tired but you still have three more things to do—not all Glengarry Glen Ross, but in a kind and supportive way.

Well, 30 posts in 30 days had me feeling that way more than once. Thank you to those of you who patiently received that ping in your inbox or read the Facebook notification that I’d posted something again on a Sunday. If writing something every day means even the possibility that someone might be reading it every day—well, that’s a lot of reading. I have been grateful for your company and your support.

The most delightful discovery I made over the course of this project is I didn’t run out of things to talk with you about. The corporate booster for this initiative, BlogHer, offered writing prompts to interested participants, ideas that might help them scramble over a block with a self-imposed daily deadline looming over them. But another writer I came across (you can read her at Waffle Wednesdays here) expressed it best by saying that your existence alone offers you any number of things worth looking at more closely each and every day if only you will be present enough with your life to see them. I won’t miss posting on the weekends, but this lesson alone made the month’s commitment worth it.

Don’t be afraid. Just be still and write.

Welcome, December! (I’ll see you on Monday.)