movie make-up from a public library-sponsored class for teens

they’re coming for you

llow me to explain.

While we have been neck-deep in zombies for a month now (during our marathon of season two of The Walking Dead, Scott removed a roll of shortbread cookie dough from the freezer and said, “You know what this would be good for? Braining zombies!”), we have yet to join their undead legion. The arms above are attached to children who have just come from the library.

Our family’s librarian—some families have doctors or lawyers, ours has a librarian—has been on a mission for the 10 years I’ve known her to make libraries relevant to contemporary youth. What I’m about to write might prove unmooring to you, so I want you to sit down before continuing. Are you ready? Here goes:

Sometimes books alone are not enough to bring teens into the public library.

I know. It took me awhile to adjust to adjust to this, our brave new world. Luckily, our librarian is way out in front of me, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to developing and scheduling innovative programming that might appeal to middle and high-schoolers.

Yesterday, our librarian invited a staffer from the university’s theater department to spend an hour and a half with children showing them the tricks of the trade just in time for Halloween. By the time those kids left the room, it looked like vampires and avenging mobsters and the requisite zombie hunters and heaven only knows what else had been in there with them.

Marcel informed me that the bullet wounds are reusable. He asked the instructor for an extra one to give to his friend who was unable to make it. She graciously granted his request.

We do so love the library.