Peaches wants you to know that the cape “flies on its own if you drop it.” Really.

t’s October already and I can’t say as I’ve given much thought to Halloween costumes for The Three—a pretty standard performance for me in my parenting role.

Peaches, however, is busy making her own.

Well, not her own exactly. Since the weekend she’s been making Halloween costumes for her stuffed animals “’cause I never did it” and ” it just seemed like a good idea.” So far, she’s made three pairs of costumes for animals including a big-eyed lion, a stuffed lab and a cat. There are vampires, ghosts and superheroes.

If this were a crafty blog, news of Peaches’ ongoing project would be followed by details, suggestions about how your child might also cut, color and tape their own tiny, paper costumes for their stuffed animals.

It’s not.

See you Monday.