even e-books have a cover


t’s Friday and The Three have the day off. A friend’s daughter asked whether my children would be doing chores today. I’m going to tell you what I told her:

No way! We’re eating waffles for breakfast (made by someone other than myself) and going to see Frankenweenie!

I couldn’t let the weekend sneak up on us without telling you that the BlogHer 2012 Voices of the Year Anthology is available for pre-order at both the Kindle and iTunes stores.

A cool hundred bloggers were honored across six categories for their content. In case you missed it, a post I wrote about keeping Roy home from school because of the politicized nature of a scheduled field trip was recognized in the Op/Ed category.

BlogHer’s been doing this “Voices of the Year” thing for a number of years now, but this is the first time the posts and artwork have been compiled into an e-book. During my August trip with Marcel to the BlogHer conference in New York, I was able to hear some of the other honorees read their pieces and they’re funny and angry and everything in between.

Mostly, I just wanted to tell you that while I did make a cool 50 bones on this glamorous e-book thing—okay, I haven’t seen an actual check, but that’s what they tell me it will be made out for—I’m grateful to still be writing and to have y’all reading it. Thank you.

And I’m totally going to make a Facebook page for this blog next week! You’ll see! (Lord, won’t someone please hold me accountable?)